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RV Remodel on the Road

Hello Everyone. Thank you for joining me for this week’s blog post

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we are a fulltime RV family. This means we live in our RV fulltime. We travel the US visiting as many awesome places (like National Parks) in each state as we can; allowing us to live life the way we always wanted. This week we didn’t go to any National Parks. We spent the week doing another remodel to our 5th wheel. You might remember I have talked about how we renovated our RV before starting out on our journey. These changes accommodated our living needs as well as our shop needs (so we could continue to work while we travel). Well, as we have lived in our RV we have noted some things that would make life easier. We decided it was a good time to get some of the renovations completed.  We are currently boondocking at Saddle Mountain, near Phoenix, Arizona. (This is an amazing place on its own) We chose this spot to do the renovations because any supplies we needed are right at our fingertips in Phoenix. (The city has everything)

We started with a new kitchen table. Before we started our journey my husband had built a fold out table that could utilize the bar stools that were already in the RV when we purchased it. Although the table was beautiful, it was difficult to set-up and the kids didn’t like sitting on stools all the time, as they had no backs on them. Since we used the table for school work and for meal time, it was important to have them comfortable (less complaining we had to hear, hahahaha).  We decided to take a trip to Ikea and see what they had for choices. (Oh MY!!!) This was our first trip ever to Ikea. This store is HUGE!, so it’s a good thing we did a little research before we went. It helped give us an idea in our minds of what we wanted to look for. We eventually found a space saving table that had a leaf on each side. This allows plenty of room for the kids to spread out their school books and for all four of us to sit down and eat our meals together. Best part is when the table leaves are folded down the unit is only about 10” wide, so it is perfect for our small space! And it has 6 drawers in the center. Extra storage is always a plus. We also switched out the stools for folding chairs, which store nicely behind the table.

The second renovation was the kids’ spaces. Our 5th wheel has a double loft. We thought this was great! We had a place for both kid’s beds and we didn’t have to worry about making the beds every night, like you do with the conversion beds. You know the ones that can be a couch but you fold them out into beds at night. (What a pain when you are full timing) However as time passed we realized the kids needed to have their own spaces, so they could have a little time away from each other when they wanted to. So our original build of the playroom/pantry/office has been converted into a new room for our 7yr. old son. Now he doesn’t have to climb a ladder to get to his bed, he has a space to “play” with all his toys and isn’t getting into his sister’s business (as she says) all the time. In the same room we built stairs which go up to the double loft; now converted into a larger space for our daughter. She no longer has to climb a ladder to get to her bed, she has space to put all her things and decorate as she wants, and she doesn’t have her brother “in her business” all the time. It has only been a few days since this renovation has been complete, but already we are noticing a difference in their attitudes and they absolutely LOVE their new spaces.

The last renovation we did this time was a new office space. Our 5th wheel model came with two bathrooms. As a lot of toy hauler RVs do. We originally removed everything from the bathroom and converted it into a closet for the kids to hang their cloths and store their toys. Well now that they have their new spaces, we changed this closet into our new office! It is cozy, but it is working out great! All our business paperwork is now contained in a room that is not out in the open. (Little fingers tend to stay off things that are not in their vision path)

Although all these renovations are amazing, you cannot take without giving up right? So in order to make our son’s room big enough to accommodate the stairs going to our daughter’s room, we had to make the workshop smaller. It is still large enough to accommodate or equipment and other supplies however it is pretty tight quarters for my husband to move around in.

We do have a few other renovation plans however we plan to save those for a later date.

Also because we were able to reuse some of the wood from our original renovations we spent less than $500 (the new table being the most expensive item we purchased) and made our life in an RV more like living in a tiny house!

“Life is only as good as you make it!”

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