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Work Hard to Give it All Up!

How did it all get started??
Well I won’t go back too far and completely bore you with our life story; I’ll start about 6 yrs. ago.
My partner, of then 10 yrs., and I had a 4 yr. old and an almost 1 yr. old. We were finally confident enough in our financial situation, to buy a house. One more step closer to the “American Dream”, right? We figured we needed to be settled before our daughter started kindergarten. Moving around a lot most of my younger years, I didn’t want my daughter to have to constantly change schools like I did.
Things were going great, we moved into our house on our son’s first birthday. Both of us were working full time and making an OK salary. Things would soon turn upside down. After 6 months at our house, my partner lost his job; he had been there 4 yrs. so we never expected this to happen. We would then spend the next 9 months with one income. Most people would probably have spent the whole time nagging their partner to find another job; which I would have, except my partner didn’t waste the time he was given. He spent 12-16 hours or more, every single day learning everything he could about wood working and making wedding bands. He eventually felt confident enough in his work that he started selling them online. The first year we did so well, we decided to add a different style of ring. I eventually left my job and we lived solely on the income we made from the handmade rings. I started to refurbish and repurpose furniture. My sister and I would eventually open a small store with 80% of the store being handmade items.

If you put your mind to something and work really hard at it, you can accomplish amazing things! We have now been making wedding bands for 6yrs.  Most people would think we “had it made”. We had three businesses, a house; each one of us had a car… However we felt all we did was work. Every day was the same routine. We stepped back and looked at it all and asked ourselves, why? Why do we all work our butts off? To buy “things” we want? To have the big, fancy house? To have the newest, fancy car? None of those things seemed to be “worth” it. We are not ungrateful for the success we have had. We just didn’t feel like we were living. We didn’t feel like the material things were important to us. We wanted to work hard to live life and enjoy every day we were given on this earth. Kids grow up way too fast and we didn’t want to miss any of it. So we decided to “Give it all up”! (Well, most of it.)
In November of 2017, we decided we wanted to take our kids out and see the US. We wanted to be fulltime RVers. We bought a fifth wheel Toy Hauler and started the process of transforming the RV and downsizing at the house. We had to make the RV accommodate our living needs as well as the workshop. We converted the garage portion of the RV into the workshop so we could continue to make the rings while on the road. Because we decided not to sell the house, we didn’t have to get rid of all our stuff, however we did down size a great deal and I closed my store. When “purging” it became even clearer to us, we didn’t need most of the things we had anyway. We bought things just because we could. I mean come on, who needs every kitchen gadget ever made? (A bit of an exaggeration) but I did however have a ton of things in the kitchen that I never used.
In July of 2018, we started our journey as a fulltime RV family. We have now started our fourth month of traveling and most days, we enjoy everything about it. Our kids are enjoying homeschooling and like to be able to work at their own pace the most. We have visited 20 National Parks, Monuments and Lakeshores, in 14 states. We even thought it was time to make our life commitment to each other official and after 16 yrs. of being a couple, we got married in Los Vegas last month. “Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.”

In later posts I will highlight some of our favorite spots and share some pictures we have taken along our journey so far.

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